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We’re hiring

RustFest is the premier Rust conference in Europe. We aim to showcase what’s happening in the Rust world, in all its diversity. Every RustFest happens at a different location, changing places every 6 months. RustFest is currently in the 5th iteration.

We partnered up with Ruby Berlin e.V. and OpenTechSchool e.V. to fund a position for bookkeeping and event management. The bookkeeping part currently takes preference.

All projects take pride in their efforts to provide an inclusive environment and do active work to regularly improve on many levels.

Up until now, all of these projects were volunteer-run, meaning that many people would fulfill multiple roles. We found that bookkeeping and providing office services for people with simple inquiries would help us a out a lot.

Your job would include:

Note that both Ruby Berlin and OpenTechSchool don’t have a large invoice volume, with most weeks going by with no work to be done. The position can be fulfilled remotely, we can provide office space if you prefer. All necessary materials (computer, etc.) can be provided.

All in all, we expect 30 hours of work per month for all three.

What we offer

We offer a flexible working environment in friendly organisations that encourage learning and help improving diversity in tech.

We offer:

Based on your needs, we can:

Work on a contractual basis is initially preferred, although a full employment or a students position can be considered.

We can currently only offer employment to people with residence in Germany.

This job is a great opportunity for people that need a flexible side job that can be done from home and does rarely have hard and immediate time constraints.

The employment would be handled through asquera GmbH.

What we are searching for

You are interested in helping people organise non-profit work.

Note that while travel is not mandatory, we do offer you to attend our events and cover all costs if you want.

Interested? Send us a mail!.