Note from the organizers: Please enjoy this message from Parity, one of our sponsors.

Parity Technologies is a blockchain technology company that develops core and protocol solutions, middleware services, and UI solutions.

Because it’s difficult to make updates to software once it’s on the blockchain, blockchain development is more like aerospace engineering than the “build fast, break things” ethos of web development. Parity Technologies turned to developing in Rust due to its promise of performance and its powerful combination of type and memory safety.

Because of Rust’s inherent security, Parity advocates for Rust development in the blockchain community. To enable Rust to be adopted for Ethereum Virtual Machine smart contracts, Parity is building p-Wasm, a combination of libraries and a virtual machine that allows for contracts to be built in Rust and other Wasm-friendly languages.

All of Parity’s core and protocol development is done in Rust, their middleware and second-layer services are written in Rust, and their UI solutions are written in Javascript. Nearly everything Parity Technologies creates is open source.

Parity’s core product is an Ethereum full node implementation, software that enables anyone to process and verify all Ethereum transactions. Parity Technologies also offers full node implementation for Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Expanse, and other blockchains.

Parity is building the future of decentralised web technology with Polkadot, an ambitious blockchain interoperability protocol that solves critical blockchain issues like security and scalability. Polkadot enables cross-blockchain applications by allowing blockchains to interact with each other. All of Parity’s implementation of the Polkadot protocol is written in Rust.

To keep updated on Parity Technologies’ developments, follow them on their Twitter or Github. They are often hiring Rust developers; check out their openings.