Note from the organizers: Please enjoy this message from Bitfury, one of our sponsors.

Exonum is the largest software project of the Bitfury Group. Being a full-stack blockchain development company, with Exonum Bitfury aims to change the world and turn it into a safer and more transparent place. According to Bitfury, blockchain is a technology that will revolutionize the notion of trust and Exonum is an instrument designed just for this purpose!

Exonum is an open-source framework for building private and corporate blockchain solutions. It is imported into a project as a library. As it has no business logic inside, Exonum may be designed to perfectly match the project needs with the help of services that are analogous to smart contracts. Exonum is currently fully written in Rust which is why Bitfury is on the list of RustFest participants and sponsors once again (and certainly not for the last time).

With the BFT consensus algorithm at the heart of the technology and Bitcoin anchoring promoting the system security and immutability, Exonum elevates the security level of a private blockchain to that of a public one. Our light client allows creating new transactions and check the correctness of system operation on the fly, which makes interaction with the framework as easy as apple pie and at an absolutely predictable cost.

We have a team of more than 30 highly skilled developers who have a superior technical background and experience of participation in contests in Mathematics and Computer Programming. Besides, Exonum has a dedicated Research and Development team who vigorously study existing solutions and come up with ways to either implement or improve them. Our aim is to build a horizontal solution that would incorporate a wide number of tools making it universal and applicable for projects in any sphere of business and economy. If you want to join our team, check our vacancies here or send us your CV directly at

We maintain a friendly community, with our developers offering a free 24/7 support through our official channels in Gitter to anyone who wants to experiment with Exonum. The framework continuously grows, improves and develops and not without the help of Rust whose utilities are convenient and easy to use. If you want to discuss our experience of using Rust in Exonum and/or have questions on the framework itself, our developers will be glad to chat with you during RustFest this May 26-27th in Paris.